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US Gambling Revenue on the Rise
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The US gambling market is the leading one in the world when it comes to revenue, according to 2016 data.

The American favourites are still brick and mortar casinos, while lottery comes in second place. Bear in mind that online gaming is fully regulated in only two US states, while some, like Louisiana, have a specific law prohibiting it.

Of course, this data only covers regulated gaming operations, while certain sources estimate the illegal ones taking a vast majority of money in play, with losses exceeding $116 billion. According to American Gaming Association, 97% of bets made on SuperBowl 51 were illegal, which means more than $4 billion were wagered outside the law.

Bookies and offshore websites processed the majority of the money Americans used to bet on sports, and the level of such activities shows there is a need to enforce strict control and regulation in this area.

Losses Per Capita Rising as Well

The situation is similarly bleak in other countries. Australia is the leader when it comes to losses per capita, with $990. Small nation of Singapore may have less than 6 million people, but each adult resident lost $650.

Truth to be told, the numbers are not much better in other markets of the Western world. Ireland has losses of $500 per capita, Finland $425, while the US recorded a loss of $420.

In the Far East, China (including Macau) lost $62.4 billion, while Japan lost $24.1 million. 2017 is looking to bring more income, because of the expanded offer in both Macau and Japan.

With such numbers in question, it is evident the US market could bring even more income, if the authorities decide to regulate online gambling. The vast sums are going offshore, with no security or protection whatsoever for customers.

New regulation, or at least stricter control is needed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the revenue coming from the regulated market will look symbolic in comparison with the money gained in unregulated operations.

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