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Yggdrasil Sets the Bar High With Fusion Realms™ Game Mechanic
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Yggdrasil is about to take a huge step forward with its brand-new Fusion Realms™ game mechanic that is expected to further enhance the overall gaming experience.

Fusion Realms™ is a state of the art game mechanic, allowing the combining of different reels and various features into a single game.

The revolutionary engine itself is powered by complex mathematical algorithms, thus allowing the creation of a totally new kinds of games, with broader game environments and advanced features.

Fusion Realms to Debut With Jungle Book Slot

The first game to bring Fusion Realms™ to players around the globe will be the Jungle Book slot, a new Yggdrasil title whose launch is scheduled for later this year.

The new mechanic applied in this game enables the multitude of characters, with individual characteristics and a smooth change of the available game modes. According to the developers working on this title, the vast options given will create new ways to win. On technical note, the Jungle Book Slot will bring high quality 2D and 3D animations, ensuring a top-notch visual experience.

Fredrik Elmqvist, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, expressed his pleasure for this remarkable, industry-first achievement. He stated that the further application of Fusion Realms™ will offer completely new gaming experience to the players.

He also emphasized the significance of the new game mechanic for the development of the entire industry and said that more things are to come during this year.

Another Big Step for Yggdrasil

Although a young name on the scene, Malta-based company has accomplished a lot since it was founded in 2013. Creating a ground-breaking technology is something the people at Yggdrasil are used to. They are especially proud of BRAG, an innovative tool for content sharing on social networks, with a pending US patent application for a new technology of which little is know at the time.

We can only speculate what Yggdrasil has in store for us, but one fact is certain. Fusion Realms™ will be showcased during ICE Totally Gaming show, where you’ll have the chance to find more about this new technological breakthrough.

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