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Yggdrasil in Search of Fresh Ideas in Latest Business Initiative
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Yggdrasil Gaming launch groundbreaking Dragons initiative.

Yggdrasil Gaming is a well-established name in the business of online gaming, and has been at the forefront of the industry in the recent years.

To continue such practice, Yggdrasil has launched a new business initiative, which will create new partnerships between the suppliers and entrepreneurs in general, one side and new business on the other.

What is Yggdrasil Dragon?

Yggdrasil Dragon is the name the initiative bears, and what it offers is the access to Malta-based operator’s top class technology – including technical framework, licensing structure and Yggdrasil’s operator networks and development teams.

Aside from all this, the company will secure the necessary funds for new projects and business initiatives.

The leading idea is to combine Yggdrasil’s resources, expertise and know-how with fresh ideas, in order to achieve a successful market penetration. The top management of the company will approve the projects aimed at new customers and markets, as well as those offering new technological approaches.

Yggdrasil Happy to Cooperate with Industry Professionals

Yggdrasil CEO, Fredrik Elmqvist said the company is interested in hearing out all those who have fresh and bold ideas, because the industry is very competitive and if someone wants to be at the very top, one must be open to finding and implementing new solutions.

Yggdrasil has the means to realise any idea that will further develop its market presence. This initiative is created for those with ideas – no matter whether they are individuals or a firm, to help them in development process and all the way to a final product.

Elmqvist emphasized the gains for both sides. Yggdrasil will have access to new products and ideas, while their partners will have vast resources and immense experience at their disposal. This way, the company can achieve growth without buying new firms, and without the risk that comes with new acquisitions.

Although founded in 2013, Yggdrasil is one of the leading players in the industry. Its innovative approach and constant search of fresh and unique ideas, along with the implementation of the latest technologies available, has made them a world-class operator of online and mobile casino games.

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