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One aspect about online gaming that is always interesting, is that over the past few years some of the major players in the supply and design of all manner of different casino games and also the companies that design and supply the gaming platforms for many online casino sites have either merged with other companies or have been subject to take over deals.

Amaya are the type of company who started out fairly small back in 2004 but through a series of very well thought-out takeover deals and acquisitions have managed to grow into a major player in the online gaming environment and now not only are involved in online casinos and the supply and design of casino games but also the rapid expanding online poker playing environments too.

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Company and Software

What Amaya has been able to do as it has been buying up many other companies involved in many different sectors of online gaming, is to then go on to supply games of chances to sites that didn’t have such games on offer.

For example many poker sites have started to add Amaya slot games as side games on their poker platforms and as such players will be able to play all manner of different slot games and other games of chance alongside any active and live poker games or poker tournaments they are playing in.

Another aspect of the Amaya range of slots is that all of them have been designed to be appealing to players, and by appealing we mean that they not only have all manner of unique features and bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to players, but they also come with additional option settings.

As such one thing you will always be guaranteed of being fully able to do when playing any Amaya supplied slot game is to configure them for a stake level you can afford to play them for and will also have various different option settings available, for a fully rounded and much more importantly fully tailored gaming experience.

Highlights of Amaya Games

We would always urge anyone who does want to take their online slot playing to the next level to set about playing some of the ever growing range of Amaya supplied slot games, for by doing you will find every possible type of slot game you will ever want to play, and many that you may never have even thought of playing too!

• Fixed and Optional Pay Line Slots
• No Limit Progressive Jackpot Slots
• Plenty of High Tech New Slots Available
• Free and Real Money Options

Most Popular Slot Games

You will always have a ball playing Amaya slot games and having tested out many of them ourselves we would like to pass onto you a few suggestions in regards to the ones you may enjoy playing online!

The Barnyard Boogie slot game is an amusing and comical slot to play which offers players lots of different pay line options. The Aladdin's Legacy, Buccaneers Bounty and Battle for Olympus slots are always going to give you a fully rounded slot playing experience. However, some slots that will give you the chance of winning big include the Dolphin Kind and Double Panda slots.

Summary of Amaya Software

You are always going to be in the driving seat when you choose to play Amaya designed slot games, for with such a huge number of them available you can pick and out and then play the one you find most appealing.

Each Amaya designed slot also comes with some very detailed pay tables, and the software is fully compatible with any type of online or mobile web browser, and the games load rapidly into any type of web browser and play smoothly too.

The mobile compatible range of slot games from Amaya are the identical types of slots available via their online gaming platforms, so you will find plenty of slot game you know and love all of which are offering the same stake options and levels and of course the same payouts and long term RTP’s too.

Keep in mind that whilst you will find Amaya slot games on offer at lots of different online casino sites you are bound to find many of their slot games also available at quite a number of different online poker sites too!

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