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Why You Should Play Slots Online?
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No casino game has benefitted from transitioning to online as slots have. Some of the advantages we will list in this article can also apply to blackjack and roulette, sure. But slots benefit most from software providers having a secure platform to make the games they want without being restricted by hardware costs. But why exactly are online slots better than their land-based counterparts? Let’s find out!

Better Graphics & Gameplay

The rapid pace with which modern technology has changed our world is incredible. Nowadays, the phone that’s sitting in your pocket or you’re using to read this article is more powerful than a top-end computer from the early nineties. This has been a key factor in slots becoming as wildly successful as they are.

Advancing technology means physical reels could be replaced by RNG software. And without the limitation of an actual, bulky machine, artists could afford to get creative. No longer did you have to consider how much it’d cost for a single machine to output that crazy good animation you designed smoothly. You can now ignore that cost entirely since your entire player-base is carrying a device capable of handling beautiful visuals.

Slots being online also led to more severe competition. With an almost global market, the pie is much bigger. But now developers also have to contend with every other software provider on the market, not just the ones in their region. This led to new mechanics being regularly tested and put into online slots. For a recent example, look at the splash the Megaways mechanic made!


Let’s be honest, the real draw of online slots is their convenience. No longer do you have to dress fancy and suffer through expensive drinks and food if you want to spin a few rounds of your favourite machine. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, and you’re ready to play.

And instead of having to travel to play at a casino, you can now gamble as you go. Need to kill time waiting for the bus? Hop into a slot you like and play a few spins while you’re waiting. Then, when you come home, you can pick up right where you left off on your computer’s larger screen. Or stick with your phone and play from the comfort of your bed. The sky’s the limit!

The convenience of not waiting is also a considerable factor. Anyone who’s gone to a land-based casino a few times knows the annoyance of all the machines being taken. Online slots don’t have that issue. Thousands of people could be playing the same game you are, and it doesn’t negatively impact your experience at all! If anything, it can even improve it, in the case of slots with progressive jackpots.

Lots of Slots!

Gamblers looking for variety will find a whole lot more slots online than they could ever find in land-based casinos. The reason for this is quite simple: space. Land-based operators have a limited space where they can put machines. So they can often choose only the best and newest. If you have an old favourite that got removed, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Online slots resolve this problem by being completely digital. There’s no need to worry about that one niche release you love to play disappearing. Online casinos often offer more than a thousand games, and slots make up the majority of that number.

Having said that, online slots have one vulnerability physical machines don’t, and that’s licensing. We’ve seen this happen with Playtech’s Marvel slots being removed from online casinos after the license wasn’t renewed. The same thing happened to Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings and Dark Knight slots.


Land-based casinos often entice players with free drinks and occasional free chips that they can spend. And while an occasional treat is great, it can’t compare to what online casinos offer. As part of their welcoming bonuses, many websites offer deposit match bonuses and no-deposit free spins. And once you’re a registered member, they do their best to keep you with a steady stream of promotions.

Now, how many bonuses you get will depend on the casino you’re playing on. But the beauty of online gambling is that you’re not restricted to just one operator. Unless you’re fortunate, odds are, there are only one or two land-based casinos in your vicinity. As a result, those operators don’t feel the pressure of keeping you always satisfied.

Online casinos don’t have that luxury. They are competing with every other web-based operator who is trying to get you to play on their website instead. Definitely make sure to take a detailed look at each online casino before you register there. And if you need help comparing them, we have a handy online casino comparison to assist you!

Slot Tournaments

Maybe we were just unlucky, but we never came across a physical operator that offered slot tournaments. Which is an honest shame! Online casinos often host slot tournaments, where gamblers use their luck to get ahead of the competition! The way the competition works is quite simple. Everyone plays a certain number of spins, and the person with the best score wins a prize!

Better RTP

Another advantage of lower costs for making online slots is that developers can afford to decrease the house edge. Land-based operators have actual employees they have to pay. Not to mention the costs of running and maintaining an actual casino and machines. Online slots aren’t subject to those costs. And as a result, their RTPs are often much higher compared to their physical counterparts.

Closing Thoughts

Of course, there are certain areas where online slots still can’t compete. The atmosphere of playing in a real-life casino is something that’s still unmatched. You’re able to chat with others as you spin, and you can withdraw money immediately instead of having to wait for a transaction to get cleared.

But those are temporary issues which technology will overcome. We’re already seeing NetEnt experiment with VR slots. It’s only a matter of time before the technology becomes advanced enough to simulate playing in a real casino. And at that point, online slots will cement themselves as the true royalty of gambling.

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