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Best Science Themed Video Slots
Best Science Themed Video Slots
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Game software developers are always on the prowl for terrific themes to incorporate into their work, and since they are like scientists themselves it didn’t took them too long to realize there is a whole world to explore – the world of scientific events, theories, experiments, projects, creation and beyond. Science-themed slots aren’t as numerous as, let’s say, movie-themed games or slots themed around Ancient Egypt/Rome, which makes them all the more interesting. And who knows – maybe with recent scientific developments and the progress of technology, science becomes one of the most exploited themes in the video slots trade. Contrary to popular opinion, science doesn’t have to be boring and complex. It can be broken down to easily comprehensible elements which can still leave us in awe after we’ve had fun with them. We present best science-themes video slots found at online casino across the web.

Mad Scientist by BetSoft Gaming

The Mad Scientist video slot is a perfect pick for spinners who enjoy the atmosphere of underground labs and conducting secret experiments, trying out special formulas and spending time with overhyped old scientists who’ve finally found the right recipe to confirm their decades-long research. Mad Scientist has 5 reels and 20 adjustable paying lines, makes use of certain 3D visuals and was developed by BetSoft. The main character, Dr. Walter Prescott, clearly spent too much time in his isolated laboratory that he began to exhibit signs of madness just when he discovered a way to turn its subjects into gold. If you feel like you share the same interests as Dr. Prescott then help him turn more things into gold and make you richer. The symbols are all theme-related and include a watt meter, a radiation symbol, a test tube apparatus, a Tesla coil, a microscope and two special symbols: a big lever for a Scatter and a chalkboard with formulas as the Wild. When a winning combo is created electricity will flow through the winning symbols and the mad scientist will get all giddy and start dancing with excitement. The Mad Scientist video slot has three bonus features: Great Experiment Bonus, Bio Pick Me Instant Bonus and Wild‘o’Cution Bonus. The RTP is set at 96%.

Doctor’s Orders by 888

What would we do without medicine, the noblest of sciences? Doctor’s Orders by 888 is a video slot that deals with all the predicaments of a sick person who is confined to house rest and surrounded by medical supplies that are supposed to make him feel better. A bit of a strange theme for a video slot, one might say, but once you look at the 5 reels of interesting symbols and you feast your eyes on superb graphics the game just gets better and better. The symbols include images of pills and capsules, thermometers, natural remedies such as lemon and honey, hot soup and books. The warm cup of soup is the game’s Wild, and there are three other bonus symbols – a lovely nurse, red pills and a stack of logs. During the course of gameplay, one can trigger the Doctor’s Orders Free Spins Bonus, the Combo Completer Bonus and the Nurse Bonus. Cash prizes, up to 18 free spins and multipliers are what you can expect from the health-oriented video slot. Doctor’s Orders is a one of a kind game, and worth a try despite a slightly lower payout percentage than expected.

Big Bang by Net Entertainment

Moving on in a slightly different direction, Big Bang deals with matters of deep science, trying to unveil the secrets of the universe. The study of space doesn’t cease to amaze scientists for centuries, and it was certainly an interesting subject to explore for the NetEnt team of developers. The result was a 5-reel, 25-line video slot entitled Big Bang. The paying lines are fixed and the game features crisp graphics bound to amaze gamblers with a passion for stars, far-away galaxies and popular scientific theories on the origins of the cosmos. The symbols are mostly planets and celestial bodies, with the exception of lower value 10, J, Q, K and A symbols which, in their own merit, have a cosmic glow in different colors. A fiery star is the game’s Wild, and the main protagonist in the Symbol substituting Wilds feature. The main asset of the game, however, is the Progressive Multiplier Meter. Once triggered, the Progressive Multiplier Meter can reach stellar levels of multiplying your winnings – up to 8x, 16x and ultimately 32x. The theoretic payout of the Big Bang video slot is 96%.

Gold Lab by Quickspin

Giving the science theme a cartoonish spin, the Gold Lab video slot by Quickspin is an extremely fun game for both science geeks and average slot players with no particular theme preference. Boasting quirky cartoon graphics, Gold Lab introduces a mad genius Dexter-lookalike who is determined to bring his formula for creating gold coins into the realm of reality. He’s in a modern laboratory, mixing different colored potions and precious gems to find the right combination of ingredients. The visuals are clean and simple, yet engaging and complemented by excellent animations and sound. Gold Lab has 5 reels and 25 fixed winning lines, and benefits from two special features, the Yellow Wild feature and the Golden Bonus feature, which is basically a re-spins round. Gold Lab video slot is available on both mobile and desktop platforms which means you can conduct your alchemy experiments while at home or on the go. The payout percentage of Gold Lab is a solid 96.06%.

Power Plant by Yggdrasil Gaming

Maybe the most futuristic of all the science-oriented titles mentioned earlier, Power Plant video slot by Yggdrasil Gaming has a unique theme which focuses more on the technological developments inside the realm of applied science.  Load the game and you’ll have an electrified industrial world displayed on your screen, inspired by power plants and packed with rich graphics beyond one’s wildest expectations. The game benefits from a unique 5×8 reel grid, offering winnings across 82 paying lines. The specificity of the game is reflected in its portrait-mode-friendly layout, a quality that can improve your gaming experience when played on mobile. Symbols are beautifully designed and rather hard to describe – they are mostly symbolic representations of elements such as fire, wind, water and so on. Amped with several special features, Power Plant video slot is a dynamic and rewarding game. You’ll be able to experience the Random Winning Symbols feature, the Nudging Reels feature, the Super Stack feature, Extra Wilds and a Feature Combo. The slot has an RTP of 96.1% and is well worth a try for its unparalleled innovations.


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