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Looks Vs. Functionality: How to Choose a Slot Machine
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With today’s competitive market and the surplus of online slots, selecting one that will actually be worth your time and money can turn out to be a Sisyphean endeavour. It is quite easy to be dazzled by the great graphics and pay little or no attention to the slot’s overall functionality, return to player percentage and volatility. On the other hand, visuals and sound effects will not be of much help when you are stuck with an online slot that’s not user-friendly, both in terms of offering low payouts and having a steep learning curve, functionality wise.

Sadly, it is not always easy to find one that combines all the crucial elements (great design, frequent payouts and highly functional layout) and sometimes you will be forced to make a compromise, especially if you are looking for a quick spin, but have a limited amount of time to do a background research and decide on a slot that meets your needs. Even if time is not of the essence, certain criteria will have to be employed in the search for an adequate slot. If you are uncertain which way to go and what your priority should be, bear in mind that each factor has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and that in some cases a sacrifice will have to be made.

Start with determining what you want to get out of online slots

The first thing to do is to figure out what your goal is. Your choice should be guided by the end result that you expect. If, for example, you are looking to have some fun and are not overly concerned with profit, your search should be guided towards visually more appealing slots, that will be sufficiently engaging to keep you on your toes.

If, on the other hand, you are mostly interested in profit, you will need to find information about the slot’s RTP and dismiss the visuals in your decision-making process. Some of the most profitable online slots with the highest payout rate are unfortunately not so fun to play, but they will be worth every minute of your time – if you are willing to make peace with the simplified structure and monotonous gameplay.

What is your preferred playing platform?

Another thing that you will need to consider is whether or not a slot can be played across different platforms. The number of players who visit online casinos and play slots on their mobiles and tablets is rapidly increasing and most of the latest games have their mobile versions, with game commands adjusted to touch screens and a smaller resolution. Thanks to the mobile field technology advancement, a lot of older slots are being re-designed to be mobile device compatible, however, you can still find games that are not fully functional when launched on mobile devices.

In some cases, even your phone model will have to be considered, as certain platforms are more responsive than others. Game commands may not have the same layout as on the desktop version, or some of the sound effects may be lost. Since this can be extremely annoying and can seriously compromise the gameplay, testing the slot on your device and making sure that it runs flawlessly before you commit to it is highly recommended.

Give yourself and the game a chance

The great thing about online slots is that most of them can be played in fun mode, before you decide to place actual bets. Even if you are not happy with how the slot runs at first, do not be quick to dismiss it. Some slots are an acquired taste and after playing them for a while, you might grow into it and realize that it’s just what you are looking for.

Also, playing the game in the advanced mode can make all the difference. Some of the software developers provide Expert and Standard playing options which can change the dynamics of your gameplay and provide a completely different experience. It is always a good idea to try everything that a slot has to offer and try to adapt to it even if you are not thrilled with the layout and the way a particular slot runs at first. However, if the game still feels awkward after playing it for more than half an hour, it is definitely time to give up and seek elsewhere.

Be sure that compromises are worthwhile and do not be blinded by the bling

Letting go of one thing in order to make room for something else is not always easy. If you are willing to make that sacrifice and give up interesting bonus features, colourful design and fun theme in order to dedicate your time to monotonous spinning sessions, you will want your time to be rewarded.

Opting for an extremely reductive and simplified slot is of course no warranty of frequent winnings and high RTP – the same way an array of complicated special features, free spins and in-games can very well turn out to be fool’s gold, as fun as these bonuses may seem “on paper”

Choosing a game that has a simple structure and not a lot of bonuses can be more profitable, but you should still make sure that this is indeed a fact. Playing slots that have a reduced form requires a lot of patience and if at the end of the day your sacrifice does not match the reward, there really is no point in doing it.

Let your hair down and treat yourself

Every once in a while you should definitely throw caution to the wind and give an advantage to a visually pleasing slot with plenty of in-game features, without being overly concerned with the budget or return to player percentage. Also, finding a golden middle is getting easier by the minute as a lot of providers are trying to meet the two criteria and create a slot that will give frequent payouts and be fun to play.

Being focused on one or the other can take away all the pleasures from online gambling, so in most cases, staying open minded and trying different things is the best thing to do and will without a doubt produce the most favourable result in selecting a slot that suits your needs.

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