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Most Popular Fruit Machine Features
Most Popular Fruit Machine Features
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Playing fruit machines online will offer you a completely different type of slot game playing experience, however it is one that we are convinced many video slot players are going to enjoy!

The main and most obvious difference in regards to how fruit machines play and pay is that the vast majority of them will have been designed as three reel slots, however unlike casino slots, fruit machines have lots of built in features, bonus games and will be offering you a much more rounded and entertaining type of slot playing session.

However, we are aware that whilst many slot players will be aware of how to play slot games, and will be aware of how to configure the staking options and obviously set the slots into live play, they may be blissfully unaware of how the bonus games and bonus features trigger and are then played off on a fruit machine.

With that in mind we have compiled the following guide that will enlighten you as to the most popular fruit machine features. With that in mind please read on for when you do you will get a much better understanding of the most commonly awarded features and bonus games associated with most online fruit machines.

Stakes and Jackpots

Let us first however let you know that when you are playing fruit machines online you will have a range of different staking options available to you. As there is usually just a single payline attached to these types of gaming machines then you will only need to place one single coin on that payline which can be any of those available via the coin value settings.

The jackpots on offer on fruit machines are going to be fixed coin jackpots, some fruit machines may offer a set of progressive jackpots those are usually known as “pots” and they will build up in value as you play them. However, those pots are not linked into other fruit machines and as such they are standalone jackpots attached to only the single one of them you are playing.

Randomly Triggered Fruit Machine Features

There are two types of fruit machine bonus features which are going to be randomly triggered and randomly awarded to you. Those two features are known as the Hold Feature and the Nudge Feature, those two bonus features can and will be awarded with great frequency and as such we shall now enlighten you on how to use these two features.

When you have just played off a single spin on a fruit machine the three buttons that are located underneath the reels may flash and displayed on those buttons will be the word Nudge and when they are flashing you have then been awarded the Nudge Feature.

Somewhere on the fruit machines games screen you will also see just how many Nudges you have been awarded. Each Nudge awarded to you will allow you to move any of those three reels downwards one position at a time, in the hope you form a winning combination on the payline.

To do so you simply need to click on the flashing button underneath the reel you wish to move downwards one position. Just be aware that you are not always guaranteed to be able to nudge onto the payline a winning combination when that feature is awarded!

The second randomly awarded bonus feature you will be awarded with is a Hold Feature, once you have finished playing off a single base game spin and are about to click on the Spin, Start or Play button to send the reels spinning on a new spin the three buttons mentioned above may flash but this time the buttons will display the word Hold.

When the Hold Feature has been awarded two you, indicated by those three buttons flashing then you can click on any or all of those buttons to lock into position any of the reel symbols on the associated reels.

The Hold Feature may increase your chances of winning more so when two matching reel symbols are on the paylines and you chose to hold them, or the Held Feature may be awarded when you have already spun in a winning combination, allowing you to hold them in place and win the winning payout another time by holding all of those matching symbols in place.

Bonus Trails and Bonus Boards

Two of the most commonly triggered main bonus games found on many online fruit machines is the Bonus Trails and the Bonus Board based bonus games. The way in which you trigger both of those features may be slightly different depending on just which fruit machine you have chosen to play online.

A Bonus Trail feature is one which is activated by a set of numbers being spun in alongside certain reel symbols on the fruit machines payline. The aim of spinning in those numbers is to complete the Number Trail by lighting up all of the positions on that trail with the numbers superimposed on the reel symbols lighting up the corresponding amount of positions on the trail as they spin in.

Any fruit machine offering a Bonus Board type of bonus game or feature is going to award that feature or game via a set of spun in bonus or scatter symbols. Once you spin in the required reel symbols in a certain way then you will move onto the bonus board which will then see you spinning a number reel to move around the Bonus Board.

As you are spinning your way around that board via the number reel each position on the board you land in will award you with a different type of additional feature or cash amount. You will be able to collect any bonus feature or cash amount you have spun in, or keep on sinning the number reel with the aim of increasing the value of the cash awards or getting a potentially better paying additional bonus game.

However, the thing to keep in mind with Bonus Board based fruit machine bonus games is that at any time you could land on a position on that board which brings the bonus game to end any, resulting in you losing anything features or cash amounts you have been accumulating!

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