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Virtual Reality Slot Machines: The Future Has Arrived
Virtual Reality Slot Machines: The Future Has Arrived
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The world is moving quickly and together with technology, the needs and demands of the market are also advancing. With the new era of slots upon us, the boundaries between the two worlds – digital and physical – are slowly being erased, spilling over the magic from the reels into our own surroundings. After conquering online markets, the gambling industry has once again been revolutionized by using the latest available technologies. The result – Virtual Reality slots and VR gambling venues with literally everything a casino has to offer stored inside a compact piece of equipment.

What exactly is Virtual Reality gaming?

Virtual Reality gaming employs sophisticated technology to provide a user with an immersive, life-like experience of the game. Using VR equipment (VR helmet, LED screens and the sound systems), the players can dive into the game and surround themselves with the developer’s fantasy world. This way, the player is actually interacting with the game on a completely different level, becoming an active participator thanks to the stimulation of the user’s senses.

What are the advantages of playing Virtual Reality Slots?

Maybe this question should be re-phrased into “Are there actually any disadvantages to playing VR games?” In terms of functionality and overall experience, we could not think of any. After all, you can only spin the reels for so long until the monotony finally hits you. With VR slots however, you may want to designate a friend or a family member to remind you of your real life responsibilities, like work or school. All kidding aside, the experience is so authentic that playing regular video slots is in danger of becoming obsolete – at least with the younger demographic.

Unlike with the standard video slot where the player is independent of the game, although being the game’s initiator at the same time, Virtual Reality slots allow players to be active participants and become a part of the developer’s universe. The potential of creating VR games is also directed towards designing fully equipped Virtual Reality casinos with a wide selection of slots and table games. Imagine roaming the casino lobby and joining the casino tables without setting foot outside of your own apartment! SlotsMillion casino has already made it possible by offering a downloadable VR casino version that you can enjoy both in 3D on your computer without the VR goggles or with the Oculus Rift VR equipment. The selection of compatible games is great and the player can bring to life popular slots such as Creature From the Black Lagoon, Go Bananas, Magic Portals, Piggy Riches, Big Bad Wolf, Beowulf, Scarface, Dracula, Jack and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest and others.

You will not find a lot missing from SlotsMillion casino VR version – the technology not only enables you to experience everything that a brick and mortar venue has to offer but also allows interaction with other casino visitors. The users can explore the virtual facility and even become dizzy if they decide to lean over the casino’s window and look down from the lobby “located” on the 80th floor. Carefully positioned clocks will prevent you from losing the track of time and if you are worried about the privacy, the casino made sure of protecting their visitors’ personal information such as balance, losses and winnings.

The most popular Virtual Reality slots

The developer that can be considered a pioneer in exploiting the technology and releasing the first Virtual Reality slot is NetEnt. Remastering some of their most popular releases, NetEnt has created VR counterparts of the visually stunning Gonzo’s Quest and Jack and the Beanstalk. The reason behind selecting these two slots as the first to get their own VR versions is obvious – they both offer a vast visual potential which, transferred into virtual reality, provides a user with a unique experience. Be it journey through the Amazon jungles, shoulder to shoulder with Gonzo in his pursuit for Eldorado or helping Jack defeat the giant and steal his gold, the experience is as real as it can be with the latest technology available. The players here are so much more than just initiators who set the reels into motion and remain passive for most of the time. Here, they get to be the game, rather than merely play it.

How is playing at Virtual Casino different to playing in the land based venue?

It’s not. For all intents and purposes, Virtual Reality slots and venues may even have an advantage over the actual slot machines and brick and mortar casinos, especially if you are a casino operator. Imagine being able to store an entire gambling facility into only a few pieces of equipment, available to general public. Physical boundaries no longer exist and you are now hosting a fully functional casino opened to everyone and anyone, regardless of their location.

As for the visitor, crowded casino rooms will no longer be an issue – VR alternative will make every single visitor into a VIP guest, who can join literally any table or play at any slot machine, without having to wait for a seat. The best part of the entire concept is that it does not exclude any type of player. Although primarily designed for a new generation of players, VR technology is simple and practical enough to be utilized by every gambling enthusiast who can operate a switch – it is anticipated that the technology will not make a division line between the younger crowd and old-school users but actually unite the two demographics.

Is Virtual Reality where everything is heading?

It would be more accurate to say that Virtual Reality is where everything is at the moment. NetEnt may be the market’s pioneer, but other software developers are closely following the latest trends and adjusting their offer to the new era. The future has already become the present, at least when technology is concerned. With Virtual Reality slots at our doorsteps, we can’t wait to see what the next generation of software advancement will bring and what comes after the future?

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