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Microgaming’s Jackpots Paid Nearly €90 Million in the First Six Months of 2019
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Microgaming continues to change the lives of those luckiest among punters

Microgaming progressive jackpot networks awards €90 million so far in 2019. (Photo:

Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network – the largest one in the industry – has changed so many lives over the years, but its results so far pale in comparison with the results in 2019.

The renowned developer’s jackpot network has exceeded expectations, awarding nearly €90 million across 1,150,559 jackpots, while eight players managed to win multi-million sums.

Mega Moolah Paid Out the Biggest Jackpot of the Year

Zodiac Casino has been very generous since the start of the year, whose lucky players won a staggering prize worth more than €13 million while playing the company’s cult progressive slot Mega Moolah, also known as The Million Maker.

This jackpot, won on January 30, became the third-largest ever awarded by the Isle of Man-headquartered gaming giant, and also the biggest one paid out in 2019, although there enough time to set a new record before the year comes to an end.

No wonder players all around the world find Microgaming’s progressive network so appealing.

In the first six months of this year, a total of eight players won jackpots exceeding €1 million. The beginning of March was especially exciting Microgaming’s network awarded two multi-million prizes in two days in a row.

Looking Forward to New Wins

On March 5 and 6, two lucky punters won €11 million and €2.2 million respectively. Although there were no new millionaires in April, the following month saw things get back on track with two players won a combined payout of €11 million.

This year has so far been one of the best for the renowned developer of online slot games and its progressive jackpot network. With over a million jackpots paid out, and numerous lives changed for the better, players have high expectations.

The latest jackpot was awarded by Microgaming’s progressive network was paid as a lump sum in mid-June, after a lucky punter won a little over €3 million. In total, Microgaming jackpots have exceeded the €1 billion mark, and tare slowly getting closer to €1.1 billion.

Microgaming also boasts the biggest progressive jackpot ever paid out to date. The staggering sum of around €90 million was awarded to a lucky player back in 2018 while playing Mega Moolah.

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