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Why We Love Classic Slots
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Slot machines have come a long way since the invention of the Liberty Bell back at the end of the 19th century. Today we can play innovative slot games offering exciting and lucrative bonus features that take a gaming experience to a whole new level. Not only that they boost our odds of winning and offer big payouts, but they make slot machines look more like video games.

However, while competing to deliver more and more advanced titles, software developers are aware of the fact that there are still gamblers who prefer classic slots and all the thrills they offer. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of classic slot features we love and the reasons why the world needs more classic slots.

Keep It Simple

Today, video slots boast flashy graphics and cartoon-like animations accompanied with cinematic soundtracks. On the other hand, classic slots retain their simple looks and structure thus keeping players focused on the gameplay and prizes. Played at only 3 reels and in most cases up to 5 paylines, classic slots are as simple as it gets. All you have to do is to align identical symbols on one of the paylines and the prize is awarded. Sometimes, you only have one payline to create winning combinations across which adds more excitement to the gameplay.

Traditional Meets Modern

If you are prone to nostalgia, you will love to spin the reels filled with traditional slot symbols like fruits, bells, lucky sevens and more. Including these symbols in many modern-day slots means only one thing – they are still popular with players and attract them due to a real casino experience they provide. Still, today we have classic slots that go beyond these traditional symbols and use a variety of themes. Attempting to cater to a wider audience, developers tend to make themed classic slots thus offering players a variety of options to choose from. And we find it great.

Lower Wagers, Great for Beginners

With fewer paylines than video slots, classic slots typically offer a betting range that is more suitable for beginners. In most cases, it starts at only $0.01 when a slot machine offers only one payline. However, some of them cater to high-rollers too thus covering all kinds of players. You may be offered to wager one or more coins and select a coin denomination according to your budget, so you will have plenty of betting options to choose from.

Lately, you can find classic slot machines offering 5 reels and more than 5 paylines. If you opt for these, make sure to set the bet according to your bankroll. Whether you play 3-reel or 5-reel classic slots, keep in mind that money management is the most important thing you should take care of.

They Are Available in Free Play Mode

You don’t even have to wager real money to enjoy classic slots. If you like this form of entertainment, you can enjoy it for free. In this case, you won’t win real money prizes either, but you can have fun. This is a great option in case you are a novice and you still lack experience and routine. Although this type of casino games are considered easiest to play, you still need some practice to configure the bet and find out which playing style suits you most. While video slots typically have a paytable you have to open to check the rules and payouts, in most classic slots all the things you should know are displayed on the screen all the time.

High Volatility Means Higher Payouts

Classic slots are mainly highly volatile which simple means that wins do not occur frequently but once they do, they are pretty high. Because of this, you have to be patient and adjust your stake to play longer. By taking a look at the paytable of a classic slot you will easily notice that payouts are quite big which make this type of casino games attractive to players. Also, you can find classic slots that offer progressive jackpots on top of regular prizes. If you opt for this type of slot machines, you may be required to wager maximum coins. In this case, make sure to pick a coin denomination that will suit your budget.

Some Classic Slots Offer Bonus Features Actually

More and more classic slots offer bonus features. Wilds that replace all regular symbols are present in almost all classic slots while some of them may include Scatter that pay prizes only or even trigger a free spins round. Some classic slots may also offer multipliers. This is due to the fact that developers want classic slots to keep pace with the competitive market. These features will definitely boost your odds and can provide you with additional chances of winning.

Genuine Casino Experience

Without leaving the comfort of your home, with classic slots you can enjoy a genuine casino experience while playing them at online casinos. Most online casinos offer classic slots, though they are not as numerous as video slots. At some casinos they may not be visible at once as they are in the same section with other slot games while at others all classic slots are in the same place, constituting a standalone category. Thanks to online casinos, you don’t have to travel to a local land-based casino and you can have more money to invest in high-quality entertainment.

Closing Thoughts

If you like simple games, classic slots are a perfect fit for you. The gameplay they offer is straightforward while the visuals and sounds are plain and may seem a bit dated and generic. The fact is that they won’t distract you from the gameplay which is great especially if you are a less experienced gambler. In addition, if you are on a budget, you can always find a classic slot that you can play for $0.01 only and win payouts that can be larger than those offered by flashy video slots.

Those who prefer more betting options, exciting bonus features and advanced graphics and sounds will most certainly find classic slots boring. If you relate to this, you can choose from a plethora of high-quality video slots and take chance on them.

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