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3D Slot Games
What are 3D Slot Games?
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The only way that a casino site is going to keep their slot loving players happy is of course to keep their slot game selection fresh and up to date. In fact, every month sees a brand new range of slot games going live at most casinos, and as such there will always be a range of new games for you to get stuck into playing!

However, something that not a lot of slot game designers have been able to successfully achieve is a range of 3D slot machines. Microgaming, who has designed the largest number of online slot games, did try launching one such slot a number of years ago and that slot is the Pure Platinum 3D slot.

That slot is still available in many casinos utilizing the Microgaming range of slot games however the downside of that slot was that to play it and to get a true 3D slot playing experience you would need to wear a pair of 3D glasses!

Whilst many Microgaming powered casinos sites did at the time of that slot game going live on their gaming platforms send out 3D glasses to all of their slot players, many players have since lost those glasses and as such playing that slot without them the animations simply look blurred!

True 3D Slot Games

Due to the Pure Platinum 3D slot from Microgaming not offering players without a pair of 3D glasses the animations and graphics required from such a slot then they have since stopped designing those types of 3D slots and have turned their attention back to designing the more classical types of video slot games on which a plethora of different base and bonus games can be awarded to players.

However, one company that has become the world leader in the design and supply of 3D slot games is BetSoft Gaming. They have, over the last few years, designed and then have supplied an ever growing range of very high definition slot games which offer true and lifelike 3D animations and graphics.

As such you should be hunting down casinos sites that use their gaming platforms if you want what can best be described as the ultimate gaming experience! One of the more unusual features of BetSoft Gaming’s range of 3D slot games is that they are all available via an instant play gaming platform.

With that in mind all that you are going to need to have to do to access their slots if you do fancy playing their range of 3D slots is have any computer, laptop or mobile device on which there is any type of web browser, as the 3D slots load and then launch into those web browsers without the need to download any special software onto your device.

Unique Features of 3D Slot Games

Let us now move onto letting you know just what you are going to find being offered on any 3D slot game you find available at casino sites that use the no download and instant play range of BetSoft Gaming supplied slot games.

First and foremost you will of course be given the option of playing their slots with the slot window in any size you wish to play them in, however you are going to get the most enveloping slot playing experience when you play with your web browser set to its full size.

When you do play the slots in a full sized web browser you are then going to see the reel symbols spring to life whenever you line up a winning combination and several character type symbols may also suddenly appear on the slot game screen, which could mark the arrival of an additional bonus game or bonus feature.

The sound effects you will find being offered on a 3D slot game are just as advanced as the animations and graphics, and as such one tip we would like to pass onto you for playing those types of slots is to either have the volume settings turned up or have a set of headphones as those sound effects really will make the slots much more fun and entertaining to play.

Each 3D slot you will be able to play online will of course come with its own unique theme, and in regards to the staking options you will find many of them come with optional payline settings and a range of coin value settings that will enable you to configure the stake you are playing for to suit your bankroll and playing style too.

Advanced 3D Slot Gamble Game Options

Whilst there are of course going to be a range of different main bonus games which you will be able to trigger when playing 3D Slot games, which include pick and win and pick and match feature rounds as well as the ever popular free spins feature games, many 3D slots do offer a very unique type of gamble game.

Now, we do know that most other slot game designers other than BetSoft Gaming have some of the most popular and tiresome gamble game options, on which when you have spun in a winning combination you can then play a guess the colour of a playing card or a guess the suit of the next card dealt out type of bonus game in the hope of doubling or quadrupling your winning payout.

However, when you get stuck into playing the BetSoft Gaming range of 3D slot games the gamble games you will then have the option of taking whenever you have spun in a winning combination will be very unique.

Those gamble games may see you playing off a dice throwing guessing game, a coin tossing guessing games or one of several other 3D high definition gamble games the like of which you will never have seen before.

One final thing worthy of note is the BetSoft Gaming’s range of 3D slots do come with some higher than average payout percentages, and that is reason alone for you to give them a fair amount of play time as you should get much more of your stakes returned as winning payouts over your long term play!

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