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Slot In-Game Achievements: How They Work
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We have published many articles about bonus features you can benefit from while playing slot games. You are also familiar with the fact that casinos try to attract new players and retain existing ones with different bonuses and promotions. In this article, we want to discuss another type of rewarding system, so-called in-game achievements. Several software developers included this system in their products and all of them share the same principle: the more successful you are the more rewarding the gameplay gets. Stay with us to learn more about the developers and games offering you in-game achievements.

Achievements Engine by Quickspin

The Swedish software developer Quickspin introduced their Achievements Engine in July 2017. It is designed to offer players a more rewarding experience through six unique game events. Some of the games equipped with the engine include Sakura Fortune, The Wild Chase, Big Bad Wolf and Wins of Fortune, to name a few. The list increases with the launch of new slots thus offering players more options to choose from.

Achievements can be earned while progressing through four levels. Each of the levels pays out Quickspin tokens players can cash in. They will enable players to trigger the bonus feature they choose within the slot machine they play. Players can easily track their progress and claim their rewards without leaving the slot they play. According to Quickspin representatives, the main goal of the Achievements Engine is to say thank you to players for playing their games by giving them extra incentives that can help them cover potential losses.

Each slot machine equipped with the engine offers six different Achievements. For instance, if you fill a progress bar, you could earn a respin. Now, every Achievement comes with four levels – bronze, silver, gold and diamond. The higher the level the greater rewards, which will definitely keep you glued to the screen of your desktop or mobile device. Quickspin tokens you earn while playing the slot games using the Achievements Engine can be exchanged for in-game bonuses including free spins that will provide you with more opportunities to win without risking your own money.

It is important to note that players can use Achievements on a particular game within a casino they play it. They will be assigned a unique ID for every casino where they play Quickspin slots using Achievements and they cannot transfer tokens from one casino to another.

Paytable Achievements by Microgaming

Another form of in-game achievements was introduced by the online gaming industry’s behemoth Microgaming. Called Paytable Achievements, the feature is added to some of their most popular slots like Thunderstruck II, Immortal Romance and Playboy. While playing these games, gamblers can achieve certain objectives to collect badges. As they progress, they can win cash rewards and other bonuses.

Visiting the paytable in a certain game to learn more about achievement won’t be quite useful. Instead, click on the question mark symbol and learn all you should know about the unique rewarding system. What you should keep in mind is that the value of your bet does not affect achievements you make. You can reach them by completing winning combinations with two, three, four or five symbols of a kind with no Wilds included. Only winning combinations formed within the base game count contribute towards achievements.

Some casinos may treat rewards generated through in-game achievements as bonus cash that is subject to wagering requirements. That’s why it is important to learn more about the casino policy before you start playing any of the games offering this feature. The great news about Paytable Achievements is that all your achievements will be highlighted in the paytable and they won’t be erased even if you leave the game. Once you resume it, they will show up and you can continue playing the game keeping the achievements. However, just like with the Achievements Engine by Quickspin, Microgaming’s Paytable Achievements can be kept while playing a particular game at a single casino.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra by Betsoft

Unlike the previous two software developers, the Malta-based gaming company Betsoft decided to include achievements into their groundbreaking game Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Being a game changer on the market, the unique title that transcends the concept of a slot machine offers different quests players have to accomplish in order to obtain rewards and climb the leaderboard.

To understand how the game works, you should know that you are supposed to create your own avatar and kill enemies instead of spinning the reels. Inspired by Ancient Egypt, the game is all about an interactive shooting experience with bullets representing your wagers. Enemies you shoot can be understood as slot symbols since hitting them earns you cash prizes. For a better performance you can buy Weapon Chests containing random special weapons with more powerful ammunition that can kill a single or more enemies at once.

Now back to quests. You can be rewarded with up to 25 quests at a time and earn experience points (XPs) that can help you climb the leaderboard. While accomplishing quests, which can involve destroying a set number of enemies or a hunt for hidden treasure, you can collect treasure and XPs. Your goal should be to secure the highest position on the leaderboard within the tournament period to win cash prizes.

If you are looking for a one of a kind gaming experience that provides you with a chance to play a video game and win real-money awards, you should give Max Quest a try. It may feel weird with all elements that you won’t find in typical slot games, but its rewarding system and achievements you can make along with the excitement of competing against other players make playing the game worthwhile.

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