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How to Configure Bet When Playing Slot Machines
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At first glance, playing slot machines appears easy as pie, and it is, in most cases. It is particularly carefree and simple when you’re playing for fun. However, if you aim to become somewhat of a skilled slot gambler and risk-taker, then every little detail of the game becomes important. Every customization possibility gives you the chance to be in control of an aspect of the gameplay, no matter how small and secondary. But, of course, there are critical settings that affect how much money’s going into play. The consequences of these settings can be substantial, and if you don’t master all the nuances of placing real money bets, you risk losing a lot more often then you would like to.

Online slot machines are powered by RNG technology which guarantees random outcomes of every single spin, without exception. There is no way to predict or determine the result of any next spin during a slot machine gaming session. It’s the part of the game the player has no control over. On the other hand, it is up to the player to decide how much money to wager on every spin. This part of the game is completely controlled by the gambler. There’s even a divide of players according to how much they are willing to wager to low rollers (low-risk bettors) and high rollers (ambitious gamblers who bet large sums and assume great risk to win big). The bottom line is that slots do require some strategic thinking when it comes to money management. They may be bright and fun, but they are rarely easy to beat.

Paylines and Bet Cost

Although there are some modern slots without the conventional paylines structure, the majority of video slots employ this game engine. Depending on the manufacturer and the slot itself, the number of paylines can be fixed or subject to the player’s adjustment. Either way, it’s important to have in mind that whatever sum you wager, it will be multiplied with the number of active paying lines. The odds of winning a handsome payout decrease along with the number of activated win lines. The more lines are in play, the bigger the chances of winning it big –but, that will cost you more. The slots that cost more give out notably bigger payouts, in theory. The dynamics of these payouts and the rate of their occurrence can vary from one slot to the next.

Slots feature the following aspects which are all tied together and make the total bet amount: coin denomination (coin value), number of paylines and number of coins per line. These three elements will give you the total bet per spin and tell you how much exactly are you risking to lose one spin at a time. It’s up to you to conclude whether that sum is busting your bankroll in the long run or not.

The reason why slots have wide ranges of stakes is that they are designed to accommodate different types of players. It wouldn’t be as interesting if there were slots for low rollers only and big spenders exclusively, would it? The charm lies in observing how the two categories of gamers, and all of those in between, find their way around the gameplay and manage their wagers, risks, losses and winnings while playing the same games. Of course, after a while, it becomes clear which games suit which player type more.

Do Bigger Bets Guarantee Bigger Wins?

It’s hard to answer. Theoretically, that’s exactly how slot should work. But, slot machines are, above else, games of chance, and one never knows how the next spin might turn out. The fact is that the RNG algorithm does now know how much you’re wagering. It simply generates random numbers that correspond to the symbols on the screen. If the random outcome and your big bet coincide and result in a big win – that good fortune. Similarly, it’s bad luck to hit an excellent winning combination on a small, cautious bet. It may be even worse than losing – knowing that you could have won so much more if only you were willing to up the stakes.

Progressive Jackpot Slots and Bet Max Feature

Betting the maximum amount is a general recommendation, provided that you can afford it. It is the slots strategy that will return the most of your invested money over time. However, when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, the situation becomes a bit specific. Some progressive jackpots are awarded randomly in which case it the size of the bet has no importance. Other progressive jackpots are awarded only after certain requirements are met, such as playing at maximum bet. In this case, the player needs to max out the stakes in order to stand a chance to break the bank. Otherwise, why is he or she playing a progressive jackpot machine when they can play regular slots and possibly stack smaller prizes?

Proper Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll while playing online slots is the only strategy you can apply that will help you at being a better slot master. The more interactive the game, the greater responsibility for you to make the right decisions when it comes to betting less on this spin and more on the next one. It takes some experience for a slot gamer to learn all the betting tricks, but the key is to never bet more than you can afford. Also, it is important to set aside a gambling budget per session and not deviate from it.  Quit while you have time and don’t chase any past losses.

Don’t get the wrong impression – not only rich players get to play the max bet. If you have a smaller budget at your disposal it’s better to find slot games with lower max bets then to stick with those that require higher amounts to unlock corresponding high payouts. Making smart, more logical choices will be far more profitable in the long term than biting more than you can chew.

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