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How to beat slot machines
How to Beat Slot Machines: Tips & Tricks
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Enjoying online slots is one thing, but wanting to win can be a different story. There’s no use in coming across as falsely modest – we all love to win, and victory makes our casino experience complete. But is there something that we can do to become winners constantly? In games of chance, there is no valid strategy that could help you ‘hack’ the game and be able to beat the house every time. Would you even want to? It would completely dispense with the magic, tension and the excitement of the casino concept, wouldn’t it? There are some tips and tricks, though, which could improve your game to some extent and enhance your chances of winning at your favorite video slots.

Understanding Online Slots

What was once achieved with mechanics now relies on electronics and the power of technology. The randomness and the way slot machines determine winners nowadays is tightly related to the operations of a specialized piece of software called the Random Number Generator (RNG). In order to better understand the behavior of a slot machine you should get familiar with its insides – what makes its reels move and stops them at a specific moment to produce a random combination of symbols on the screen.

The Random Number Generator does exactly what its name suggests – it creates numbers constantly on the basis of other, completely arbitrary numbers by applying specialized mathematical algorithms. These classified operations generate millions of numbers in less than a second and the way the game is programmed ensures entirely random outcomes of every spin. Now, you might think we’re talking about a regular computer program that can surely be cracked one way or another. Highly unlikely – in order to predict the result of a spin one would have to go as far as to discover the first number, the so called seed, used by the RNG algorithm. There is no way of doing this, because the seed numbers are secured with the most advanced encryption imaginable.

Knowing this, the theory about ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ slot machines becomes highly improbable. Each spin of the reels is a completely independent event and its results could be repeated ten times in a row or not come up in the following hundred spins – there is simply no way of knowing. An interesting piece of information is that software developers do leave a certain ‘pocket’ in the program for the house edge when they code the RNGs. The mathematical advantage becomes more apparent the longer you play, but that doesn’t mean that with a few adjustments to your slots tactics you can’t walk away with admirable wins.

Useful Tips

We did say tactics, but we can’t really talk about strategy in the common sense of the word. Instead, we can discuss several useful initiatives that will improve your overall online slot experience and, consecutively, lead to more frequent wins. By changing your definition of winning and becoming satisfied with how wisely you’ve played every spin, than you can call yourself a winner every day! Not that most of these advices won’t help you boost your bankroll, because they certainly will if you stick to them and find your own personal balance.

Tip 1: Stay Away from Fraudulent Strategies

You’ll find all kinds of bogus tactics for beating slots online. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. One of the examples is the zig zag system. The basics of it lie in recognizing patterns on the reel grid. Symbols could draw a particular shape on the screen, like an ‘x’ or a ‘v’. But, deep down, the theory is nonsensical. There is no way to be sure whether the machine is ready to pay out based on any patterns simply because the symbols themselves have nothing to do with the back structure of the game and every spin is an isolated event.

Tip 2: Study the Paytable and the RTP

Before you choose a slot to place your real money wagers on, always check on the payout rates that come with it. Also don’t ignore the paytable, as well as the rest of the rules and terms of the game features. There are so many slots to choose from and we understand you can sometimes get drawn into a game for its storyline, great design or 3D effects, but if you want to become a big winner pay attention to the organization of pay lines and the values of symbols. The theoretical return to player rate can also make a huge difference, even if most players tend to lose sight of it.

Tip 3: Set Up a Bankroll

Another preventive you should commit to before going on a winning streak is determining a bankroll. You are to use a fixed amount of money on slots. This will make you feel prepared, confident and disciplined. To enjoy the game and pursue winnings with a piece of mind you need to be ok with the possibility of losing some money in the process as well. So the amount of money you’re entering the game with should be the upper limit of what you can afford to lose. Another good piece of advice is to split your total budget into session bankrolls.

Tip 4: Max Bet only if it’s for the Jackpot

Betting the maximum won’t usually get you anywhere unless you’re playing older three-reel slots. Contemporary video slot machines pay out amounts that are in accordance with the number of coins you wager, without any special treatment if you bet the maximum. Max bet is only an option if it is a requirement for the jackpot, otherwise is not worth it.

Tip 5: Play Video Slots at Regulated Casinos Only

The only way to avoid potential (still unlikely) RNG tampering is to play at licensed and regulated casinos whose software is certified for fairness. When an online casino venue features a seal of approval from an independent third-party regulator that means its slots are regularly tested for accuracy and randomness. Only with certified slots you have the chance to play your best game and best the machine for some juicy profits!

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