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Everybody’s All Time Favourite Movies Turned Into Slots
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Isn’t it always super exciting when you discover that your favourite movie of all times was reinvented in the form of a slot? There is definitely something about revisiting iconic cinematic achievements, especially when the developer does a terrific job in honouring movie classics and mix it all up with cool bonus features that are not only generous, but also bear clever references to the most popular and loved scenes. This list includes personal favourites as well as the most frequently watched and quoted movies that you just love to go back to.


Software: NetEnt
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Bet Range: $0.20-$100
Jackpot: 200,000 coins
RTP: 96.8%

There is probably no movie that describes the price of the American dream better than Scarface. The story about the rise and fall of ambitious and ruthless Tony Montana which inspired a-plenty of wannabe criminals found its place in the online gambling industry with the NetEnt release. The slot features all the main movie characters, original footage and the infamous “Say hello to my little friend” phrase. The bonuses include Nudge Spins, Bonus Game where you get to eliminate Tony’s enemies and Free Spins activated by a Stacked Wild.


Software: Playtech
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Bet Range: $0.10-$25,000
Jackpot: 60,000 coins
RTP: 95%

Probably one of the most inspirational stories of all times that shows exactly how far you can go, even if people are not entirely sure what your are saying. The movie that sky rocketed Stallone into stardom has it all – love, sweat and tears and, as such, deserves any tribute and honourable mention that comes its way. The Playtech release comes with all of Rocky’s rivals – Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Drago and of course his beloved Adrian and best friend Paulie. Within a Knockout Bonus, the player gets to choose the opponent and receives a cash award for every won round. Free Games are activated by the Rocky silhouette icon and any wins inside this mode are multiplied by 2. If the letters land onto the reel in the correct order, spelling R O C K Y, the bet is multiplied by 5.

Jurassic Park

Sofware: Microgaming
Reels: 5
Paylines: 243
Bet Range: $0.60-$6.00
Jackpot: 475,000 coins
RTP: 96.67%

Mess with nature and its course for your own entertainment and all hell will break loose – as we can clearly see in this 1993 SF adventure. The Microgaming product is truly a credit to the movie; the visual profile is supreme, sound effects spectacular and all the loveable characters are featured as the game symbols, including everybody’s favourite T-Rex. Jurassic Park is literally packed with Free Spins triggered by Scatter symbols. The players are also allowed to select the Bonus Feature after playing free spins for 25 times – depending on the dinosaurs, extra rounds can include Wild Reels, Multipliers, Split Wilds, Mystery Multipliers, Running Wilds and finally, Winning Wilds. In addition to that, Jurassic Park has a T-Rex alert, increasing your winning chances with 35 extra Wild symbols.


Software: IGT
Reels: 5
Paylines: 30
Bet Range: $0.50 – $30
Jackpot: 25,000,000 coins
RTP: 95.6%

Thanks to this 1984 comedy masterpiece, we were properly instructed who to call when there is something strange in the neighbourhood. No need to mention that every member of the team is here, together with some of the innocent victims that were among the first to be possessed by supernatural entities. The slot’s host is none other but Slimer, who will tease you throughout the game, giving its best performance when 4 Mystery Feature is unlocked. Ballroom Buster enables the players to spark up their proton packs and kick some ghost butts. Stay Puft feature is where the falling marshmallows stick to the icons and multiply the winnings. Two other extra rounds are The Psychic feature, where the player needs to pick a matching card and Paranormal Pick, where you have to follow Slimer, choose between the green clouds and maybe even win a progressive jackpot.


Software: iSoftBet
Reels: 5
Paylines: 30
Bet Range: $0.30-$30.00
Jackpot: 30,000 coins
RTP: 96%

If you would have to pick only one war movie to see in your entire lifetime, you may as well pick Platoon. Let’s not beat around the bush – the duality of man theme itself has been exploited often enough, but Platoon makes it its business to show exactly how cruel and pointlessly evil war can be. The slot is a reductive version of the movie, which is not a bad thing as we are sure we could not handle any more of the bitter taste that stays in your mouth for a long time after seeing the actual movie. Still, the back noise will be quite enough to recreate the atmosphere. The game features a Wild Multiplier that awards an extra spin and Bonus Free Spins that pays both ways.

Terminator 2

Software: Microgaming
Reels: 5
Paylines: 243
Bet Range: $0.30-$3
Jackpot: 88,000 coins
RTP: 96.62%

If you were not crying your eyes out at the end of this movie, you are either a very tough cookie or an empty shell of a human being. Terminator 2 by Microgaming introduces T-800 Vision Feature, a randomly activated bonus with mystery prizes, 1024 Ways Free Spins bonus that adds a row of symbols and a transforming Wild that turns into one of the other symbols and boosts your winning odds. Visuals are of course stunning, with particularly enjoyable original movie scenes and familiar Judgement day music piece.

Basic Instinct

Software: iSoftBet
Reels: 5
Paylines: 243
Bet Range: $0.50-$50
Jackpot: 364,500 coins
RTP: 95.76%

We all know what this movie is most famous for, but let’s face it – when it first appeared, it was intriguing and daring. Which is precisely why we are all so emotionally attached to it and why it deserved its own slot adaptation and a place on this (highly subjective) list. The slot comes with mystery boxes Bonus Round, a Killer Progressive award and Free Spins unlocked by the specific Wild. And don’t think for a second that iSoftBet forgot about the leg crossing scene. It’s there, in all its glory.

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