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DC Comic Branded Slots: Playtech at Its Finest
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For the online gambling community, few things were more exciting than the deal between Warner Bros. DC Entertainment and Playtech, giving this developer an exclusive right to create and release DC Comic themed Omni Channel casino and online slots. The agreement resulted in adapting Warner Bros. and DC Comics biggest hits such as Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice. But it does not end there; Playtech has announced that other smashing hits will soon find their place on the reels of one of the largest and most influential developer in the industry. The multi-year deal signed in London is probably the biggest and most important agreement Playtech has ever entered and the stakes are high. The Dark Knight trilogy and Justice League are also announced and expected to be launched by the end of 2017 as not only slots, but bingo and  roulette variants optimized for different channels and devices.

Playtech Background

It is no surprise that Warner Bros. decided to partner with Playtech on a significant project such as this. They have been present on the market almost since the very dawn of the online gambling, reaching the number of over 5,000 employees across the world.  The company currently holds 130 international licenses, allowing it to provide software solutions and services on a global level, not to mention operating land based casinos, live dealers casino, lotteries etc.

As one of the first providers of Omni Channel solution, Playtech was not only a good choice of company to entrust with launching DC Comics platinum releases; after Microgaming lost the privilege, it may have just been the only choice. So far, the trust was justified. DC themed slots keep appearing on the list of the most popular and highest rated games by users; the trend continues with every next edition.

Linking Markets and Devices

The agreement itself covers more than a mere reinvention of our beloved movie and comic-book adventures. European markets that include United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Norway and Romania will be linked through different DC themed slots and united in DC Super Heroes Progressive Jackpot with a variety of smaller jackpot prizes for different game levels. The first offspring of the February agreement was the Batman classic from the 60s, immediately gaining an enormous success and approval of the general public. The series included Batman and the Joker Jewels, Batman and the Penguin Prize, Batman and Riddler Riches, Batman and Catwoman Cash, Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza and Batman and Mr. Freeze Fortune. Following up on the agreement, Playtech also delivered Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Superman and Superman II.

What makes the entire project truly special is the already mentioned Omni Channel ground breaking approach that grants access to relevant content from multiple devices through just one account. According to the current prognosis and market analysis, it is expected that the announced Dark Knight trilogy release will exceed the Microgaming versions in every possible aspect and more than that – judging by the earlier launches, it seems that there is no way but up for Playtech.

Playtech About the Agreement

People behind Playtech are clearly aware of the responsibility placed on their hands. Mor Weizer, the company’s CEO, expressed his delight with the serious task of cooperating with DC and Warner, and seized the opportunity to mention that the feedback regarding the quality of DC games has so far been excellent. Playtech’s renewal of the launch strategy aside, the agreement also offers an interesting and potentially highly profitable unification of the newly released titles. The slots will all contribute to the jackpot level of the Super Heroes Progressive prize, giving the entire project a global character, in addition to expanding the already rich assortment of the Playtech slots. The Warner Bros. president seems equally pleased with the partnership and feels that growing DC brand and featuring their original action heroes onto a new market will be mutually beneficial.

A Word or Two About the Slots

While still anticipating the Dark Knight and other announced titles, the player can get a glimpse of the Playtech’s commitment to preserve the DC legacy by testing the TV series inspired Batman slots. In the first two releases, Batman and Catwoman Cash and Batman and the Joker Jewels, the story follows the Gotham City hero in his crusade to defeat his arch enemies, all the while sustaining the 60s charm and featuring original footage and scenes. Both of the slots can make you a winner of one of the four progressive jackpots with literally any spin of the reels. The same goes for DC Super Heroes Jackpot; be it Superman, Superman II, Man of Steel, Green Lantern or one of the two above mentioned.

Batman and The Joker Jewels, for example, has 5 reels and 25 paylines, with 2 bonuses and 4 mystery jackpots. As with all progressive slots, the bigger you play the higher are your chances of winning both smaller cash rewards or the main jackpot – the players are guaranteed with at least one of the four: Mini, Minor, Major and Grand. There are 2 Wilds – Joker’s Smile and Batman symbol, together with a Green Bonus icon that unlocks Batman vs The Joker Free game round. Any wins during the bonus game are increased by the Bat-Tastic Multiplier Meter and there are no limits to number of free spins the players can win. They will simply keep coming until the meter randomly marks “end”

All of the Batman series slots have so far been a true testament to DC Comic iconic super heroes and super villain characters. Playtech has played by the rules and created a perfectly arranged product with the wisely and accurately selected scenes, quotes and catch phrases. The playing field for the more modern titles to follow is more complex, but judging by the great job Playtech has done so far, we have no doubt that the goal of engaging with the fans of DC sagas and delivering a cutting edge DC branded slots will be successfully achieved.

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